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February 14, 2005

Getting Started...

Welcome to "Seeing Both Sides".  I was inspired to start this blog for many reasons, but the most important one is to help entrepreneurs.  During my ten years as an executive at start-ups (such as Upromise and Open Market), I often viewed the venture capital business as a black art.  Now that I've had a few years to practice that black art, I hope to help demystify it for other entrepreneurs.

Like most experiments, I will start this one off small and see where it leads.  If this blog can help both educate and entertain, it will have served its purpose.

I will avoid promoting Flybridge Capital and our portfolio companies, but will instead leave that to our website and other vehicles.  Feel free to keep me honest on all fronts with your feedback.  Enjoy!


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Is that Terry Francona's office? Cool. This is the coolest VC blog I've ever read.

This blog is awesome! Good on ya Jeff!

Your first steps in the blogosphere are really good. Keep up the excellent work!

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