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September 23, 2007

Scott Kirsner Stirs The Pot

Scott Kirsner is always good for a little controversy.  The Boston Globe reporter wrote an article in today's business section that talks about the VC blogging phenomenon with a Boston lens.  The article probably won't win him any popularity contests at the Bay Colony Corporate Center in Waltham, but that probably wasn't his point.


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dude, i read that article, it was slow music...few of the vc blogs i've followed have really broken the ice on topics of pertinent interest to startups (e.g. just how impatient is our capital? do we really value startups based on congeniality and toss out your super spreadsheets? etc)...maybe somebody will be inspired to write about the anatomy of a deal, the mechanics of evaluation and all of that, but until then it seems like a buncha crap happening inside an echo chamber, circular praise, recycled insights and so on...

Scott is so good at getting attention. I think he will post next part of VC blogging soon.

Making personal connections with investors IS important. Blogs are an excellent way to connect and understand a particular investors perspective. That Scott promotes this message is fine, as a matter of fact it seems like it part of his job.

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